Kodiak Safeway Reopens


Jennifer Canfield/KMXT

After being closed for nearly 24 hours, the Kodiak Safeway has reopened. Store Manage Mike Murray says they decided to be extra cautious.

(Safeway Update :29 "We took it a step farther to say ‘Even though we feel good about it we should probably, have a structural engineer take a look at it.’ So we flew one in this morning and we spent the better part of all morning long looking at absolutely every non-structural issue, we were looking on the inside, to virtually every truss within the roof and all was good to go. There was never any damage done and no load tolerances at any time were ever exceeded.")

Flat roofs throughout Kodiak have been struggling bear the load of record snowfall. With warmer temperatures, melting snow has been wreaking havoc as well. The AC Value Center out in Bell’s Flats had to close Sunday due to flooding. Employee Laura Gonzales says a melting pile of snow behind the store was to blame.

(Safeway Update :20 "Christine the manager, I got here about 7 and she was here since 6 o’clock and she said they had taken out maybe 50-70 gallons. At first they thought it was our pipes that had frozen before but it was actually the snow that had accumulated in the back.")

Rain, snow and warm temperatures are expected to continue through early next week.

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