Van Daele Switches Jobs, But Not Offices


Larry Van Daele, left, has taken a new position with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as Regional Supervisor for the Division of Wildlife Conservation. The state agreed to move the office to Kodiak at Van Daele’s request. He is pictured here with Matt Van Daele, environmental scientist for Koniag; Kodiak artist Mary Ruskovich; CEO Anders Bjorklund at Gronklitt Carnivore Center. Photo courtesy Anders Bjorklund

Jay Barrett/KMXT

Larry Van Daele is now the former Alaska Department of Fish and Game Area Management Biologist for Kodiak. He has a new job with the department as Regional Supervisor for the Division of Wildlife Conservation – a job that covers Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound, and Kodiak Island. He said he accepted the promotion on one condition: That the office be moved to Kodiak.

He said the reasons for that stipulation were two-fold: one, his son took a local job with Koniag, and two, because of his dedication to bears and bear biology here on the island.

Van Daele will also be getting a new, roomier office. In fact, every Fish and Game employee in Kodiak will be getting new digs – just as soon as their new building on Near Island is completed.

He says a new area management biologist will be named to replace him.

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