Life on Two Archipelagos: The Faeroe Islands and Kodiak


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Dave Kubiak is a lifelong Kodiak resident with a passion for the island’s community and surrounding sea. But in recent years, Kubiak has found himself drawn to a similar island archipelago, the Faeroe Islands, situated on the other side of the world, between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Like Kodiak, the Faeroe Archipelago survives on resources from the sea, which is how Kubiak first learned of it.

(Faeroe Islands 1 :41 “Well it all started back when I … equipment.”)

The Faeroe Islands are a self-governed, independent part of Denmark, and in 2007 Kubiak was able to visit them. He said they have many similarities to the Kodiak Archipelago, despite being ten degrees warmer. He said the biggest comparison one could make is how the complex, mountainous islands are heavily rooted in maritime culture.

(Faeroe Islands 2 :38 “It’s hard to imagine a … it was a great place.”)

As a fishing nation, Kubiak said it faces similar issues of fishery management as the United States and Alaska. While he was visiting, he was able to travel from island to island and learn about different management practices.

(Faeroe Islands 3 :30 “Well they’ve got some really … I mean everything.”)

He admitted that he wasn’t sure about the specifics of how those policies are enforced, but also said there could be a real opportunity to learn from other coastal communities, like the ones found in the Faeroe Archipelago.

(Faeroe Islands 4 :28 “I belong to the Alaska … our fisheries management.”)

Kubiak will be a guest speaker during the Kodiak Maritime Museum’s annual meeting this Friday. He will talk about the Faeroe Islands and the preservation of their maritime culture. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in room 106 at the Kodiak College. In addition to Kubiak’s presentation, the meeting will feature door prices and informational items about events and projects related to the museum.


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