Performing Arts Season Packed with Music, Circus and Comedy



The Flying Karamazov Brothers highlight the Kodiak Arts Council Performing Arts Season.

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The Kodiak Arts Council recently released its performing arts season line up. Arts Council Program Coordinator Kate Helligso said this is the first season the organization’s executive director, Katie Oliver, put together, and Helligso said it should be a good one.
“We have a great line up this year that Katie’s worked really hard on since she became executive director in December. And a lot of the acts this year are touring around the state of Alaska so they’ll be visiting other communities. Let’s see, our first one is Hot Club of Cowtown, and that’s going to be September 21, that’s a Saturday, at the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium. And it’s hot jazz and western swing. And we also have Alpin Hong, he’s a classical pianist, who’s coming and he’s going to be in the schools for a few days, working with a lot of the children here in town, so that’s going to be really exciting.”
Alpin Hong will perform in January.
Also coming to Kodiak is the Montreal Guitar Trio and the California Guitar Trio. Helligso said the performance will feature all six guitarists from all over the world playing various genres of music.
On the theatrical side of things, Kodiak will host the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

“They’re these sort of comedians with juggling, circus sort of feel. It’s a great family show and they’re going to be a lot of fun. And that’s in March. And then we also have the Nutcracker this year, which is always something the community really looks forward to. We’re also bringing in Fishermen Out Loud, which are poets coming from the Pacific Northwest to present original poems and stories about a certain lifestyle that we’re very aware of here in Kodiak.”
The local performance this year will be M*A*S*H, and will be directed by Jared Griffin and Mike Wall. Auditions for that show start the end of August and opening night for the production will be October 18.
This year the Arts Council selected a theme for its performing arts series — Art: the gold in your life.
“And we chose that theme, the board did, because it is our 50th anniversary here. The arts council became active in December 1963 so all this year we’re sort of honoring 50 years of arts in Kodiak and we thought that would be an appropriate theme for our performing arts season.”
You can find the full schedule of events for the year on the Arts Council’s website, Kodiak arts council dot org. Tickets range between $20 and $30, depending on the show, but the council also offers discounts for season tickets and families.

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