New App Makes Assembly Agendas More Accessible

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Those hoping to access borough assembly meeting agendas or agenda packets can do so a little easier now. Earlier this month the borough assembly started using an application called AgendaNotes, which Borough Clerk Nova Javier said should make life a lot simpler for assembly members and the general public.
In an email, Javier said the assembly has been using paperless agenda packets since 2008, but compiling the documents from various departments and meeting presenters has been rather difficult. She said the new program allows the clerk’s office to efficiently compile information and update things that need to be updated in a timely fashion. The agendas are put together in just a few steps, and uploaded to assembly member’s iPads for easy access.
But the new program has perks for the public too. Javier said agenda packets have previously only been available in PDF form. That format often took a long time to download, especially if it was a particularly large packet. She said the new system will put information on the web in a variety of user-friendly formats almost as soon as the agendas are created. As information gets updated, Javier said the information online will be updated instantaneously, so the public will have just as up-to-date information as the assembly.
Overall, Javier said the hope is to increase transparency and make meeting documents more accessible to those outside of the assembly. The meeting schedules, agendas and packets are all posted on the borough’s website.

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