Class Trains Fishermen to be Drill Conductors

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Fishermen who want to be prepared for rough waters, maydays, and emergencies may want to take a two-day course in Kodiak.

Today and Wednesday, the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association will offer free classes to train commercial fishermen as Drill Conductors. This would allow skippers, owners, or crewmembers to conduct the Coast-Guard-required monthly emergency and safety drills aboard their vessels.    

AMSEA Office and Promotions Manager, Jeff Pearson, says it’s vital for drill conductors to have the hands-on experience the course would provide.

“You practice getting into your emergence suit within 60 seconds, you practice launching a life-raft, this class is going to have an in-the-water practice session, where the things that you’ll want to know in an actual emergency, you’re gonna have at least an opportunity to try it and to familiarize yourself with what it is you’re supposed to do,” says Pearson.

Pearson says the classes will meet at the UAF Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center and, on Wednesday, go from 8 A.M. to noon. Those who attend the course will get a Drill Conductor Card that shows the person has completed the USCG training requirements.

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