Special Help Being Sought to Assist Autistic Man Deal With KPD Assault

Jay Barrett/KMXT

Ever since his encounter with the Kodiak Police a week ago when he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed and pepper-sprayed for as-yet unknown reasons by three officers, 28-year-old Nick Pletnikoff has been having difficulty dealing with the incident. According to his mother Judy, her son’s autism makes it difficult for him to understand why he was assaulted.

“You know he hasn’t slept a night through since then. He’s afraid. Definitely afraid of figures of authority and figures in the police. He’s definitely changed by it,” Judy Pletnikoff said. “But my biggest concerns is how to get him back to his former considerate, reasonable, happy self.”

Judy Pletnikoff said the family has hired an autism specialist to work with Nick and help him process what happened to him and help speed his emotional recovery. In the meantime however, she said that people from all over town have been very helpful.

“We’ve always been such an intensely private family (and) this has really brought us out into the public view. We’re not comfortable. Nick has gotten a tremendous outpouring of public support. Pizzas and flowers and wonderful ice cream – who knew there was coconut ice cream? I didn’t even know they had that. That’s been really moving,” she said. “I’m sure he just wants to get back to his quiet, every day routine and go to work and come home. Just the simple life that he has. I would imagine that’s his priority.”

Tuesday the Kodiak Police Department issued another short statement again announcing that they will not be commenting on the situation. The department still refuses to release video and audio recordings made by the recorders carried by the three officers involved in the incident, despite multiple requests from the Pletnikoff family, their attorney, and the press.

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