Outdoor Film Festival Features Tales of Adventure in Kodiak

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Kodiak Outdoor Film Festival poster. Courtesy of Island Trails Network

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There’s an upcoming film festival that will make you want to leave the room – and go hiking, probably. Island Trails Network is a nonprofit dedicated to maintaining Kodiak’s trails and shorelines, and its annual outdoor film festival reflects that goal. ITN’s Andy Schroeder says they get a wide array of films.

“Everything from sort of the hunting, trapping, fishing to alpine expeditions to underwater diving or things that are just people being creative which you sometimes have to do here.”

He says there are fifteen short films this year.

“One of them is a historical look at an attempt to trap a Kodiak bear. This goes back I think 80-something, 90-something years ago, but it was well-documented, and it was kind of a bet to see whether this could be done. So, that was put out by the Kodiak Historical Society and Baranov Museum.”

Schroeder describes a submission which uses the increasingly popular method of filming with drones.

“One filmmaker in particular, John Cannon, manages to capture some just amazing, beautiful shots of Kodiak that, you know, we all know how beautiful the place is, but you see one of these films and, even after a month or so of rain, you remember how beautiful the place is and why we choose to live here and play here.”

He says Cannon is a return participant and he created the film with the festival in mind.

Schroeder says almost every year ITN receives a recording of someone’s epic trek across the island. He says Kodiak’s huge backcountry lends itself well to those kinds of journeys.

“People never get tired of it. At least I don’t. Seeing the interior of the island inside the refuge, up above 2,000 feet where the rock is different, the weather’s different, and you’re like wow, that’s Kodiak. It really makes me, and I think it makes a lot of people, want to go explore it.”

He says, this year, viewers will watch a film about a trip from Old Harbor to Larsen Bay.

You can get your fill of hiking inspiration Friday at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center. Schroeder says doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the screening begins at 6:30. During that time, viewers can find their seats and chow down on pizza from Big Al’s.

Schroeder says the festival is also ITN’s annual meeting, and attendance is free for members, but you must register in order to enter. A one-year membership is $30 dollars for individuals, $50 dollars for families, and you may register at the door.

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