Online Food Delivery Business Opens for Kodiak

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

An online food delivery business is now up and running in Kodiak.

Park Cannon, with the help of his vehicle, is at the service of hungry home owners and room renters under the company name, Kodiak Delivery. It’s the Kodiak equivalent to popular online food ordering websites like GrubHub.

Cannon has the perfect background for the job.

Not only is he a programmer, but until recently, he worked in Kodiak as a cab driver. He says people would sometimes call the company, not for a ride, but for their food-delivery needs.

“There were times when we’d take the food to the customer and they don’t have the money, or they want to pay you later, and that’s money out of my pocket that I was not comfortable with, and it was a pretty good size fare to go get the food and then deliver it, and I thought I could do it for cheaper.”

He says he also saw it as a way to get out of the cabbie business. Or, it seems, redirect some of the same job responsibilities.

He says currently the Kodiak Delivery app is browser-based, and he’ll deliver from a handful of Kodiak’s restaurants, like Henry’s and Noodles. Kodiak residents can click their preferred establishment, select the desired items, and go from there.

Cannon says his service is of no cost to the restaurants.

“There’s a base delivery fee and there are also overages. If you’re outside of – I have it set for six miles right now – if you’re outside of six miles, then for every one-tenth of a mile, you’ll add a certain percentage.”

He says the base fee, with tax, is almost $10, and the fee varies according to distance driven, how many restaurants he needs to stop at, and the overall cost of food ordered.

Right now, it’s a one-man operation, but if the business takes off, Cannon says he’ll open the app up to other drivers.

“They set their price for delivery, they set their overage fees, they set everything that has anything to do with the business themselves. They work for themselves. They determine what restaurants they want to deliver from and set up the menus, so people that would be using my app will be their own business owners.”

He says the drivers would pay him a small amount monthly to use the app.

Cannon, who designed the app himself, says he’s trying to work out some kinks, but will eventually release Kodiak Delivery for mobile devices. That’s a tricky process due to restrictions and coding differences. He says it’s much easier to do for Android phones versus iPhones, which require a code he’s not familiar with.

Potential customers can check out Kodiak Delivery here.

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