Alaska Board of Fisheries to Meet in Kodiak

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The Alaska Board of Fisheries gives anyone the chance to submit proposals and influence regulation.

The board of seven members meets four to six times every year, and in January it will review and accept – or reject – those proposals in Kodiak.

Todd Anderson, Fish and Game Assistant Area Management Biologist, will present to the board on proposals connected with Cape Igvak. He says those six proposals deal with allocation and either come from people who want to fish more or those who want to fish less.

He says his share is just a small part of the proposals the Board of Fisheries receives, which come from anyone with interest.

“Anybody in the state and anybody who’s not even in the state could probably put a proposal in to change a regulation for sport fisheries, subsistence fisheries, or commercial fisheries. You know some proposals are thrown out, but they’d probably have to be something that the board of fisheries can’t act on legally or something that maybe encompasses too much at once, they’d have to tackle it at another meeting.”

While the comment period for Kodiak finfish closed Tuesday, members of the public can still give comment at the meeting itself. It’ll be from January 10 to 13.

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