Consultant Recommends Keeping Close Eye on Salmon Genetic Study

The Kodiak Joint Fisheries Working Group held a two-plus hour meeting Thursday morning to hear several reports, including one about a possible intercept fishery around Kodiak of Upper Cook Inlet salmon.

A genetic study indicating such an intercept was presented at the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting in Kodiak this winter, and will be presented again at the board’s Cook Inlet finfish meeting coming up in Anchorage later this month, according to Heather McCarty, the city and borough’s fishery consultant.

“This is not formally a consideration of any proposals having to do with Kodiak – it’s not on the agenda for the Cook Inlet meeting. They’re getting this genetic report that you had here at the Board of Fish meeting last month,” McCarty said. “And then at the end of the meeting, they’re going to have, under miscellaneous business, a discussion of whether and how to go forward with the issue.”

McCarty had a couple of recommendations for members of Kodiak’s fishing community in order to be prepared for the meeting in Anchorage.

“Those who are advocating for the Kodiak fisheries, it would be helpful to be there at the beginning to hear the report and ear any questions and discussion the board has about the report,” she said. “And then, at the end of the meeting – it’s along meeting, it starts on the 23rd, and goes to March 8th. On the last day, March 8th, is when they’ll have the real discussion of the board of how they want to go forward.”

McCarty suggested Kodiak fishermen and advocates be ready to volunteer for any working group that is formed to examine the genetic study of Cook Inlet salmon.

If you didn’t get a chance to hear all of the Fisheries Work Group meeting live on KMXT, we have both hours posted online at

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