Local Teen Sets Out On A Trip To The Arctic

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Mitch Borden/KMXT

An expedition will soon set out to explore the arctic waters of Canada and Greenland. One of those departing on this journey is Caden Peterson, a 17 year old from Old Harbor.

Students On Ice is the organization behind this excursion. Their mission is to educate youth about the importance of the arctic. They’ve gathered a 120 high school and college students from around the world for this trip, including Peterson. Once there, they’ll learn more about the region and local cultures.

Peterson’s never left the United States before and has never been to the arctic. For him there’s a lot to be excited about, for example just being able to see a new place and everything that lives there.

“ It’s going to be awesome because I’m going to be able to see different animals that I’ve never seen before. And people up there are going to be like ‘oh, that’s just a polar bear’ and I’m going to be like, ‘that’s amazing,’ because I’ve never seen one before in person.”

This trip isn’t just about seeing some new animals for Peterson though. He says he thinks it’s going to be eye opening and maybe even life changing.

“I’m most excited to learn about the arctic and just a different area another area. Expand my knowledge, think more in depth about the world instead of where we live.”

Currently, Peterson works on a commercial fishing boat in Old Harbor, but he’ll  set out soon for Canada’s capital, Ottawa. That’s where the Arctic Expedition is beginning its journey on August 8.

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