Landslide Out At Fort Abercrombie Brings Down Some Trees

Mitch Borden/KMXT

There was recently a landslide at Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park in Kodiak. Stevon Rennewanz, a member of the Alaska Conservation Corps who’s stationed at Fort Abercrombie for the summer, says it occurred on a coastal area at the western end of the park. Between the Ram Site beach and Bay View Dr.

He says the slide didn’t look too big. Probably about the size of one or two large dump truck loads. The landslide didn’t damage any structures, but according to Rennewanz a few trees weren’t so lucky.

“Some of the trees that were attached to it came with it and because the rooting was so intertwined between all the trees it brought some of its friends with him, so to say. And so I think there were about 4 maybe 5 trees that come along.”

Rennewanz says it doesn’t look like there’s any threat to the residential area near the landslide. He thinks this landslide was due to the ground being over-saturated by rain and erosion.

When Rennewanz went out to see the effects of the landslide, the ground still seemed unstable.

“As I was there a few days ago there still small rocks giving way and there’s another large slab that looks like it could give way at a moment’s notice. Some of the people we have stationed here have not heard or seen anything indicating another large slide. It’s just a matter of time whether it happens today or a few days up to weeks or months you know it’s eventually going to happen.”

The landslide area is off the normal beaten path of Abercrombie hiking trails according to Rennewanz. It’s not closed off to the public, but Rennewanz thinks if hikers find themselves near the site, they should pay attention for signs of another one. For example, loud cracks or falling pebbles.

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