Winners of the 2017 Kodiak Island Borough Assembly Election are Sworn In

Nova Javier swears in Andy Schroeder, Julie Kavanaugh, and Rebecca Skinner. (Photo by Mitch Borden/KMXT)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly voted last night on whether or not it would certify its municipal election results.


Nova Javier, the Kodiak Island Borough Clerk, is swearing in Andy Schroeder, Julie Kavanaugh, and Rebecca Skinner to the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly at its regular meeting last night.

The borough held its 2017 municipal elections at the beginning of October, and the assembly unanimously voted in favor of certifying its results earlier in the meeting. This will be the first time for Kavanaugh and Schroeder to serve on the assembly, while Assemblywoman Skinner will retain her current seat.

While reporting the election results to the assembly Javier noted there had been one worry relayed to the borough by a voter.

“There was a concern by a voter in Kodiak regarding the mailing of the 2017 regular election pamphlet and whether the method of distributing it raises any specific concerns about the outcome of the 2017 election. I have consulted with the borough attorney and his opinion that it appears that we’ve complied with the borough code.”

Voter turnout for the election was lower than the past couple of years. Only 1,692 borough residents submitted ballots, which is about 18 percent of the registered voters in the region.

After officially being sworn in, Borough mayor Dan Rohrer cheerfully told Assemblyman Schroeder and Assemblywoman Kavanaugh that they’ll officially take office Monday. Then he turned his attention to borough residents.

“Alright, so public you can start pestering them at Safeway  starting on Monday regards to their elected official roles.”


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