Local fisherman says raising Kodiak’s sales tax cap will hurt its economy

Fishing boats moored in Kodiak. ( Photo by James Brookes/Flickr)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

For months, the Kodiak city council has been working on how to balance its budget when it has a deficit close to $3 million. One of the ways it’s looking at generating revenue is raising the city sales tax cap from $750 to $3000.

Many residents are worried how that would affect the city’s economy. KMXT spoke with a critic of the increase who’s from Kodiak’s fishing industry.

KMXT’s News Department released this story without collecting enough information and perspectives on the Kodiak’s City Council possibly raising Kodiak’s city sales tax cap. KMXT apologizes for the oversight and appreciates those listeners who reached out and shared their concerns. This story will reappear along with others detailing more information on how raising Kodiak’s city sales tax cap may affect the region.



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