Volleyball club opens up to younger students

Volleyball. (Photo via pxhere)

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The volleyball community is opening up to a younger group of future athletes.

Kodiak Island Volleyball Club coach Merissa Koller-Williams says, starting after Thanksgiving, the club will teach volleyball basics to kids in third through fifth grade.

“Basically, in our community, there’s no opportunities to play until you get into sixth grade. So, the volleyball club will take older groups on travel trips, and so we have to do some fundraising to make that happen. So, one way to stay true to our mission and develop volleyball in Kodiak is for us to start kind of a youth volleyball league.”

Koller-Williams says they’ll offer weekly classes: two nights a week for second and third graders and two nights a week for fourth and fifth graders.

She says the classes will help teach more than just the rules of the sport.

“It’s easier to teach kids to work together in a game-like situation at that age, especially since they all go to different school rights now. So, I’m kind of looking forward to giving them an opportunity to gel together and work with kids from different schools so that when they do get to sixth grade, they already know these kids, and we’ve already developed those relationships.”

She says the classes will be 4 to 6 p.m. at East Elementary School and the limit will be 24 kids per group.

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