Chamber seeks local questions for candidates for governor

Gubernatorial Fisheries Debate is Monday, Oct. 22 in Kodiak

Kodiak is Alaska’s number two fishing port behind Dutch Harbor, and what happens in state-related fisheries issues often has a major impact on Kodiak’s fishermen and the community at large.

Fishing boats in Kodiak. (Photo by James Brooks / Flickr)

Next month Alaskans go to the polls and vote for, among others, a governor. Before voting, many local residents want to know how responsive the candidates are to fishing issues and fishermen.

Is there a particular coastal-related issue that concerns you? If you could ask the candidates one question, what would it be?

That is not a rhetorical question, as the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is soliciting public questions for the upcoming Gubernatorial Fisheries Debate which will be held in Kodiak on Monday evening, Oct. 22 at the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium.

The traditional gubernatorial event is met with interest by both the candidates and fishermen, as well as others in coastal Alaska.

Veteran radio and TV journalist Rhonda McBride of KTVA/Frontiers is scheduled to moderate the event.

While it’s often called The Fish Debate, the Chamber says the debate always focused on issues most important to the fishing-related industries throughout the state. These include transportation, ferries, and shipping, among others.

Where to send your questions for the gubernatorial candidates

To submit a question, or to get more information about the debate, contact the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce at 486-5557 or send an email Executive Director, Frank Schiro, at


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