Alaska Fisheries Report — Jan. 10, 2018


The federal shutdown is didn’t halt the start of several federal fisheries this month, but it has caused other problems, especially for fishermen wanting mandatory permits or inspections.

Just one person applied for the position of Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Spoiler Alert. It’s the person currently at the top of ADF&G as acting commissioner.

Speaking of ADF&G Commissioners, a former head of the department was recently named CEO of Sitka-based Silver Bay Seafoods.

And that good ole school lunch staple, fish sticks, is more likely to be Alaska Pollock now that a federal loophole has been fixed which allowed Russian pollock processed in China to be served to American students.


We had help from Robert Woolsey at KCAW in Sitka. Nat Herz with Alaska’s Energy Desk, and Liz Ruskin, the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Alaska Public Media. We also had help from Laine Welch at Alaska Fish Radio.

 Thanks to everyone who helps make our program possible and remember, stay safe fishing.


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