Governor Dunleavy’s State of the State

Governor Mike Dunleavy promised to reduce crime and protect permanent fund dividends in his first State of the State address yesterday.



“If you are a criminal, this is going to be a very dangerous place for you, starting now. I suggest you get out while you can. No more coddling, no more excuses: Your days are over. “

Governor Mike Dunleavy. Photo courtesy of State of Alaska

Dunleavy said he’ll propose three amendments to the Alaska Constitution. One would impose a new spending limit on state government. The other two would require a vote of the people for any changes to permanent fund dividends or taxes.

“The people are the key to a permanent fiscal plan. Without the people’s support, any plan put in place by the Legislature will always be in doubt.”

Dunleavy also said he would lower state spending to match the amount the state raises. He said his administration would grow the economy and restore trust in government.

“The days of creating a wishlist budget where Alaska is more like a reality show – ‘Make a wish. Have your dream come true.’ – that just isn’t real life.”

Dunleavy’s budget isn’t expected until mid-February. But he promised a wide range of proposals in the coming days. They include a series of bills and initiatives to be introduced today  that will roll back Senate Bill 91, the 2016 law that overhauled criminal justice in the state.

Republicans responded warmly to Dunleavy’s speech. But Democratic lawmakers said they needed to hear more details from him, and expressed concern about the effect of cutting government services.



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