Kodiak tsunami warning system: Partial test for new sirens

The weekly Kodiak tsunami warning drill will take place this Wednesday, September 30 at 2:00 p.m. like it usually does. But with one difference. Some neighborhoods will get to hear a test of the new siren.

Here’s what the new tsunami warning siren will sound like.


The Kodiak Police Department says the drill will begin with a test of the current system for about 30 seconds, followed by a test of the new sirens, at five locations:

  • Armstrong at the Baseball Field
  • Jack Hinkle
  • Gibson Cove
  • Kodiak Fire Department
  • Civil Air Patrol

KPD says it will have staffers on location to monitor the new sirens. The separate test will give them a chance to make sure they’re functioning properly.

If there were to be an actual tsunami before the new system is completely online, the department says the community would hear both the old and the new alarms.

KPD says it hopes the tests will also give the community a chance to recognize the new warning sound. Some have told police it sounds like a doorbell.

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