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Wounded Warriors Outdoors Project 2008

Mary Donaldson/KMXT The Wounded Warriors Outdoors Project has taken place over the last two summers here in Kodiak. Beginning in July, a new group of veterans will be arriving to participate in this year’s program. Mary Donaldson has more. Read More »

Palin Cuts Local Items From Capitol Budget

Casey Kelly/KMXT Governor Sarah Palin today vetoed 268-million dollars from the nearly 3-billion dollar state capitol budget passed by lawmakers last month. The largest local item to fall victim to the governor’s veto pen was 4-million dollars for a Kodiak schools’ seismic mitigation project. She also cut an additional 175-thousand for an earthquake-proofing project specific to Peterson Elementary School. Read More »

Wildland Fire Singes Two Acres

Jay Barrett/KMXT A small wildland fire scorched two acres at the end of Bruhn (broon) Point in Women’s Bay Wednesday evening. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. Women’s Bay Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dale Rice said the blaze was small when seven firefighters and two wildland fire trucks responded. Read More »

Got Rice?

Mary Donaldson/KMXT The worldwide shortage of rice has caused panics and riots in some countries and even forced stores in Anchorage to limit purchases. Now, it is causing some stores in Kodiak to institute rationing. Mary Donaldson has more. Read More »

Bruin Burger, Anyone?


Sunshine greeted the crowds at the 50th annual Kodiak Crab Festival, which opened today at noon. KMXT’s Casey Kelly was there and has this report. (Photo by Casey Kelly/KMXT). Read More »

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