Bible Comforted Kincaid on Mountain Top


Erik Wander/KMXT

Kodiak Kenai Cable Company Chief Operating Officer Brian Kincaid was one of the four stranded workers rescued from the 2,800-foot peak of Sheratin Mountain early Tuesday morning by Kodiak Island Search and Rescue in conjunction with the Alaska State Troopers. Kincaid talked to KMXT of his trying experiences on the mountain.

(Kincaid 1 47 sec "We were prepared … lost the tent.")

Kincaid, who was separated from the rest of the group when they took shelter in a snow cave and he stayed behind in the remaining tent, said his faith, teamwork and good communications with authorities played a vital role in the group’s survival.

(Kincaid 2 21 sec "You pray a lot … that’s the miracle.")

Kincaid said the group continues to recover from the approximately 18-hour ordeal and that he and the three other members of the party, contractors from Belarde (BELL-are-dee) Custom Concrete Company of Kodiak, are thankful for the efforts of the rescuers.

(Kincaid 3 29 sec "You know, I think … grateful to the rescuers.")

The rescuers arrived with warm clothing, food and shelter and then led the men down the mountain to safety by about 4 a.m. Tuesday . All four members of the party are in good health, according to Kincaid.


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