Road Work Stretches on, Adds Up


Diana Gish/KMXT

Road crews have been working for a week to clear and repair the Chiniak Highway following last week’s storm and mudslides.

There’s more work ahead as the damage is assessed and further road repairs undertaken.

Rick Feller is a spokesman for the Department of Transportation’s Central Region. He praised Kodiak’s D-O-T crew for the work they’ve performed since Friday afternoon.

(Road Work 1 "Some people have …helped out a lot.")

He wasn’t sure of exact numbers, but Feller says there were seven to 10 people working on the road to clear the mud slides.

(Road Work 2 "I believe we … quickly as possible.")

Road work comes with a hefty price tag. In this case, based on early estimates, Kodiak’s near-record rainfall will result in two and a half million dollars worth of road repairs.

(Road Work 3 "We do think … and help out.")

The D-O-T workers are probably glad to have the help after working since Friday to clear and open the road. Feller called their efforts "Herculean." He said that after putting in the hours to clear the mudslides, on Tuesday, crews worked through the night to replace a four-foot culvert between the fairgrounds and Sergeant Creek, in order to have the road ready for Wednesday morning traffic.

(Road Work 4 "In addition to … back to normal.")

Some temporary repair work has been done for the sake of access to and from Bell’s Flats. Final repairs will require the same environmental review and permitting process that are required of any road project. Feller says the work could continue for another four to five weeks.

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