First Emeral Isle Writers Conference a Treat for Kodiak’s Literary Types


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Last week literary enthusiasts gathered during the first ever Emerald Isle Writer’s Conference. The five day event brought in professional poets, screenwriters and authors who taught full day workshops for adults and kids. Tom Quass is the executive director for Kodiak Arts Council and said the event went well considering it was the first of its kind in Kodiak.

(Writers End 1 : 22 "I think it went very well, actually better than I expected. Not necessarily numbers, although the numbers grew toward the end for the last workshop. Also word of mouth throughout the writers in town, it now has a Facebook page that because of this apparently now the members that attended these workshops are going to have a working group or workshop group meet once a month to do writing.")

The week wrapped up on Saturday during a closing reception, where the visiting writers shared some of their award-winning works. Merissa Koller is on the board of directors for the Arts Council and said all the events received positive feedback from both the participants and guest speakers.

(Writers End 2 : 22 "Well we had some really good reviews, the people that participated had really great things to say about the workshops themselves and our visiting writers and the events that went on throughout the week, so I think it’s something that the arts council would like to continue. And I think that the reception here tonight went pretty smooth and the writers had a chance to prove themselves.")

All of the visiting writers said they were impressed with Kodiak and its community, and had high hopes of returning. Nate Leboutillier (Le-boo-till-E-ay) taught a prose workshop on Friday and said he would leave the island full of ideas and inspiration.

(Writers End 3 : 22 "Just the land here is such a big part of the people’s daily life. And so having that experience was great this week. But some of the people I met, I’m genuinely most interested in people, that’s what I mostly write about. And yea, some of you people who have seen me in Kodiak this week might see yourselves in a story down the road, I’d imagine you will.")

With the writer’s conference out of the way, the Arts Council is now gearing up for more summer events, including a local art show in September. You can find out more about that show and all their upcoming events by visiting their website at Kodiak arts council dot org.


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