June Hits Record-Breaking Temperatures


Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

Yesterday Kodiak’s temperature broke into the 80s, and broke a record as well. Yesterday’s high of 81 degrees broke the previous record of 78 degrees, which was set in 1953. Craig Eckert is the station manager at the National Weather Service office in Kodiak. He said yesterday’s temperature tied for the third highest temperature of all time for the month of June. The hottest day in June ever recorded was 86 degrees.
Eckert said yesterday was the third record-breaking day this month, and the eighth day that the temperature was above 70 degrees.
As expected, all this sunshine means little rain. Eckert said Kodiak has been drier than usual since March.

“March was ¾ of an inch below normal, April was 3.91 inches below normal, May was 4.09 inches below normal and June so far is 1.52. The normal for June is 5.23, and we had two pretty good rains. That was basically it, that was two rains that occurred that gave us 3.71 for June.”
And what do folks think of all this dry, sunny weather? It may come as no surprise that most seem to love it.
“I spend the summers up here, and so this is my fifth summer up here and this by far the nicest streak of weather I’ve ever seen. So it’s weird because I keep expecting cold and rainy, and it hasn’t been that often. So that’s surprising. So did you even pack for the warm weather, no I keep wearing the same clothes pretty much. It’s really nice, I think it’s the first time I’ve worn shorts here. It’s awesome, we haven’t had weather like this, I don’t think last summer was even like this. Boogie boarding! We’ve been doing that, surfer beach. Get a boogie board! Go to Scuba Do, get yourself a boogie board and a wetsuit and get in the water. It’s like Hawaii. I’ve spent a lot of time at the beach, like sit out in hammocks and read a lot, climbed a couple mountains, but not that many. Mostly just be outside every day. Oh yeah, everybody’s definitely out in the sun and having a good time. I think you see a lot more people when the sun’s out. We hope this weather keeps up.”
Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it will. Eckert said the clouds are set to roll in and chances of rain are forecasted through the weekend.

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