KMS 8th Graders Explore the Ocean


One of six 8th grade classes pose at the Submarine Science station in the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center during their ocean science field day Friday. The students were able to experience a brief simulated dive experience to depths of 3,000 meters. There are more photos after the jump. (Photos by Mary Linschied)

Michelle Ridgeway/Special to KMXT

Kodiak Middle School 8th graders were treated with a day filled with hands-on ocean science experiences all day Friday in Switgard Dusterloh’s Ocean Science field day. Students rotated among six field stations, one of them was a deep sea science station, held inside the University of Alaska’s premier facility at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center. Once inside, 8th graders viewed video from an actual sub dive in Alaska, learned about Aleutian Trench oceanography, depths of the world’s oceans and tools to conduct research in the abyss.

A team of instructors led the submarine science station, including teachers Mary Linscheid,and Rachel Nummer, UAF SeaGrant Professor Kate Wynne and Submarine Pilot Michelle Ridgway, head of the Alaska Deep Ocean Science Institute.

The Submarine Science station was made possible by Captain Richard Waddell of Kodiak, who donated the K-350 submarine to the Alaska Chapter of The Explorers Club, and managed by the Alaska Deep Ocean Science Institute. Quinton Fong, Kay Bodi and staff at KSMSC customized the facility space to enhance the students’ subsea learning experience.


Emerging from the conning tower, this student pilot just completed a brief “dive” experience to depths of 3,000 meters.








Under the forward ballast tank of “Aureo” the yellow submarine, students could observe their colleagues working as sub pilots through the forward viewport.







Student sub pilot assuring his classmates that he is “A-OK” before his descent on a deep diving mission.









Radio, flashlight, emergency jump kit and other gear were essentials each student pilot loaded into the sub in preparing for each dive.














Student “Dive Supervisor” leading pilot through navigation route to deep sea research objective.


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