An Upcoming Film Festival Features Kodiak Documentaries by and for Adventurous Souls

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A film festival Friday will fit some of Kodiak’s biggest adventures into one room.

The event is in its eighth year and Island Trails Network Executive Director Andy Shroeder says it showcases the fantastic trips people have done over the year.

“There is paragliding, sea cucumber diving, just everything you can imagine whether it’s commercial or professional or just kind of recreational, there’s all kinds of people doing amazing things outdoors, and I think this film festival is just as good as any we’ve had in that regard.”

Shroeder says one piece that stands out to him is about ITN’s Shuyak Island Marine Debris cleanup, where volunteers used kayaks to remove debris from the island’s beaches.

He says he had no idea two of the volunteers had been planning the documentary.

“I think they were from Australia, a couple who volunteered for us for several weeks on Shuyak Island. They put together a great short documentary that’s as good as anything we could have done, and it tells the story of marine debris and tells the story of Shuyak and what we did other there, and I’m really glad to see Shuyak volunteers actually documenting the things that we’re doing.”

The event is at the Harbor Convention Center Friday and starts at 5:30 p.m.

The price of entry is an ITN membership – $30 for individuals, $50 for families, and $15 for students. The event will include pizza from Big Al’s.

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