Local Musician Works to Honor Fishermen

(photo: Krimson)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

One local musician is using her music to highlight her home and some issues facing her community.


Kodiak is known for a lot of things. Large bears, great fishing, and majestic scenes that populate the trails that crisscross the island. What may surprise some is that it’s also home to a musician who’s trying to communicate what Kodiak has to offer through pop music.

That’s Krimson, singing her newest single Elements. She’s a local musician who’s been seriously producing music since 2015. If you’re from Kodiak, you may know her by another name, Stephanie Blondin.

Currently, Krimson is working on crafting a music video for one of the songs she released a few years ago, Harbor Lights. Which is about the perils that face the fishermen of Kodiak. Many of her family members work in the commercial fishing industry. So for Krimson, what fishermen and their families go through is personal.

“You know, it’s my lifestyle. It’s being afraid that, you know, those boats or fishermen won’t come home to our harbor lights. And, I mean, I don’t know if there is anybody on Kodiak that hasn’t experienced a loss of some sort in the fishing community. Whether it’s … a friend, family, brother, mom, dad, you know, everybody knows the loss of losing a fisherman here in Kodiak. So, I think it’s something everybody can relate to here.”

This will be the second video Krimson’s ever made. She says making her music and producing videos allows her to place a spotlight on her home. But:

“I have a hard time writing actually in Kodiak. All my songs are almost always based around Kodiak. But I usually am writing them in Los Angeles, so I’m typically getting a lot of my inspiration here. So, I get some lyrics, I come up with some rhythms. I take some of these bits and pieces down there and try different things and eventually one sticks.”

In Los Angeles, Krimson works with her producer to compose her music. Which she says often only takes a few hours. When she’s not in L.A. Krimson is working at her family’s hunting lodge in Larsen Bay, running her own crab selling booth, hunting, and fishing. Which keeps this twenty year old pretty busy.

Once the video for Harbor Lights is finished, Krimson will move on to work on other projects. She hopes to release her new video later this year.

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