Salmon Harvest Breaches 1-Million

Jay Barrett/KMXT

As the calendar flipped to July the Kodiak area salmon harvest went over 1-million fish. Almost 56,000 were harvested on Sunday, with more than half of those, about 32,000, chum salmon. There was just under 20,000 sockeye and almost 4,000 pinks.

Harvests Monday were a little less at 38,000, with more than half sockeye. About 30,000 salmon were caught Tuesday, with 17,000 of them sockeye.

As we well know, fish don’t take a holiday, so fishermen were working on the 4th of July, hauling in an all-species catch of 45,583 salmon. Of that total, 31,500 were reds, bringing the sockeye over 800,000. The chum catch is still strong, and still edging out the humpy catch.

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